ALLED Area and Parking Lot Fixture

Safety and security is a key concern in a parking lot environment and areas where illumination is essential during evening hours or 24-hour operations. Being able to illuminate these areas while reducing energy usage is paramount. The RAYdiant APL5 model is capable of replacing up to 1000 watt fixtures.

The APL5 offers multi-directional lens optics, with 90°, 180°, 270°, and 360° rotation capability which provides for directional light distribution and customization of light patterns for any application!

The entire RAYdiant model family features light engine modules (LEMs) to provide the most efficient LED heat reduction thermal path built into the design to allow for passive “air-flow” heat dissipation.

The available APL5 housing colors are: black, gray, white and bronze

Technical Specifications


  • Parking Lots
  • General Parking Areas

What Client’s Say

We are pleased to be working with the ALSI team in this pioneering approach to airport facility lighting…This solution saves money, while advancing our mission of exceptional customer service in a safe and secure airport.
Brad P.