ALLED Patented ALLink Wireless Controls

The LED lighting industry thinks of control systems as a separate add-on. We think that’s wrong!

Due to ALLED’s smart technology and determination to always stay ahead of the market, the company is the only company that holds the patent [US Patent Number: 9,049,753] for embedded wireless controls in a lighting fixture. ALLED’s lighting fixtures can come standard with an embedded wireless control and monitoring systems. Embedded – that means it’s part of the light, not added on the outside, and certainly not made by a third-party vendor.

The ALLink® wireless control and monitoring system is made by ALLED and incorporated into the circuitry of each fixture. ALLink® can be accessed and controlled from your laptop or smart phone at any time of the day or night. Using ALLink® to reduce light levels during low-activity times, from 12 a.m. to dawn for street lights, parking lot lights and parking decks, can provide an additional energy savings of 5 percent or more!